Wall of Gratitude

Here are some of the messages we’ve received from our clients:

“Dear Brenda, Sister to my Soul, Thank you for your healing hands, warm heart,lovely smile,encouraging words, patient ways and generous sense of humor!” -Monica

“Dear Brenda, The first massage you gave me seems like so long ago…I wept when I left that day. The first tears I aired after being diagnosed. Good tears that needed to be shed. Over the past six months you have helped me to stop my mind chatter and feel peace. I will be forever grateful to you for guiding me to trust vs. fear. You are an angel on earth to me. Thank you.”-Love, Sandra

“Dear Brenda, Thank you for your wonderful massages and Reiki. You helped me through rough days. Hope you enjoy wearing this scarf (I made for you) during the cold winter. Thank you, thank you.” -Fondly, Henrietta

“Dear Brenda, Thank you for all your caring and concern. God blessed me when he gave me a friend like you. I’m touched deeply for your gifts and love.” -Love, Dottie

“Dear Brenda, Thank you for your tender, loving, healing care! Your life is an ongoing blessing…” -Love & Gratitude, Carol

“Dear Brenda, I want you to know how much your wonderful care means to me. Your skill, kindness & attentiveness during every session is evident. You really do “touch many lives” in a unique way. It’s easy to see that you are a special lady. Thanks for making our world a better place. Many, many thanks and big hugs.” -Libby

“Brenda, Thank you, thank you, thank you. I so very much appreciate the wonderful hands-on care I received from you. It very much helped me get through my surgery and chemotherapy. This whole breast cancer journey is incredibly hard. I had a lot of things done to me that were painful and emotionally I was a wreck. The holistic services helped to care for emotionally and physically and heal me.” -Fondly, Agnes

“Brenda, My Angel of Healing. Your support, comfort,tender mercies have been a plentitude of blessings. You have done so much to bring peace and serenity to me. I am so grateful that you have graced my life with your abiding presence.”You raise me up.” All the joys and blessings of the season.” -Much love and abundant gratitude, Patti